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The new year brings new opportunities to explore how print media can give your business an added leg up. BNP Empowered Print offers turn-key print solutions outside our core capabilities of digital print and web offset print. Our comprehensive solution offers creative services, binding and cutting, media buying and analytics, as well as helpful tips and advice on how to better leverage your existing marketing strategies to include the added value of print media. As such, we’ve provided you with a helpful checklist of things you may (or may not) have considered or included in your marketing and advertising plans for 2021. 

Dissect Your Data

To better your odds of print ROI, you want to make sure the data you already have at your disposal is organized properly. With our direct mail and variable printing capabilities, it’s important to ensure cost-effectiveness by maintaining a strong and organized user database that is regularly scrubbed for inconsistencies and repetition. Don’t have a database? That’s OK, too! Our team can leverage softwares and databases to help you build a clientbase to target from scratch if necessary. 

Understand Your Audience

Once your customer base is organized and categorized correctly, begin thinking about what types of print materials will resonate the best. For example, a younger audience may not respond as well as an older demographic when it comes to a coupon-centric newspaper insert. The younger demographic may be impressed more (and thus, more likely to convert) when presented with a high-end lifestyle-focused print piece. Think in terms of conversational versus call-to-action, traditional versus alternative, etc. BNP can help determine the best route to take per audience demographic

Complement Your Creative

Maybe you have a large new product launch planned. Or you want to drum up interest for a new professional service offering. So, you’re banking on a full-fledged digital ad campaign to support your new value and drive conversions. Have you thought about how adding a customized, creative (even personalized) print piece could complement your efforts? Rarely do you want to place all of your marketing eggs in one budget basket. Print—which can be more cost-effective than digital advertising—is the perfect way to reach people where they live and work and have the attention span to read a longer message as opposed to seeing it for a second or two while they look for something else on the internet. 

Don’t Cut Costs — Build Trust

Oftentimes, the print vendor selection decision comes down to the bottom line. We get it and are competitively priced. However, it’s important to understand what a significant cost reduction is actually yielding you. At BNP, we always work with our partners on budget expectations and work our hardest to make everyone’s projects a reality. What we don’t do is sacrifice service and quality to keep costs down. Our A team is always on and we never cut corners. 

Stay Top of Mind

Print media is a cost-effective method of staying on the top of your customers’ minds. Don’t expect just one print piece to do all the heavy lifting necessary. Have a followup plan once someone receives your print marketing. That followup plan could and should include a secondary print piecem, a custom landing page, and even a personal phone call depending on the size and likelihood of conversion. Even doctors and veterinarians can benefit from constant print communication such as friendly appointment reminders. These top-of-mind tactics help remind your audience of your value propositions and offerings as well as build rapport which leads to longer lasting relationships. 

These are just a few things to keep in mind as you embark on a new year of print marketing and advertising campaigns. At BNP, our team ids prepared to offer you even more advice in addition to expert, award-winning digital printing and web offset printing capabilities. So, your final tip? Contact BNP today.