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Empowering Healthcare

Want to fill your waiting room? Well, wait no longer. BNP can empower medical offices, service providers, doctor’s offices, hospitals, urgent care facilities, nursing facilities, dental offices, and other healthcare professionals with true print marketing results. While digital campaigns that include email marketing, display ads, and paid social media posting tend to take the spotlight—and get lost in the inbox shuffle—print media, specifically direct mail, can help medical service providers turn patients into powerful profits.

Direct Mail — Just What the Doctor Ordered

Print direct mail is a cost-effective way to discreetly personalize marketing, which is what prospective and current patients expect from their healthcare providers. As a turn-key print solutions provider, BNP offers a comprehensive suite of commercial print services. Direct mail is one such empowered print solution, and is especially popular with physicians, hospitals, health departments, and dentists who want to narrow down their targeting and increase results. Using our digital printing techniques—led by one of the industry’s most powerful digital presses, the Xerox® iGen® 5—our team is able to customize each print piece and target specific zip codes, delivering your practice’s message and offerings direct to mailboxes and doorsteps. 

Targeting New Patients

Let’s say you’re just opening a new private practice as a family physician. You’ve laid all the groundwork for finding an office, hired staff, purchased equipment and furniture, but can’t rely solely on your existing patient base as not only have you moved into a new zip code, but a new state. That’s where print direct mail can help. At BNP, we’re able to curate specific lists of potentially new patients for your practice based on zip codes, demographics such as age, income, family and marital status, education, and more. In this example, as a family physician, you wouldn’t want to target patients who have children grown and out of the house, or single households with no children. Instead, you’d find more success and real ROI by targeting younger families, with more than one income, and perhaps are new in town looking for a new doctor. We can help collect this type of information, hone your messaging, customize it with variable printing, and see to it that they’re delivered correctly. That’s how BNP empowers new healthcare offices and drives new patient enrollment. 

A Deeper Diagnosis 

If you’re an established physician, specialist, or other healthcare service provider, you may not be looking to attract an entirely new patient base. BNP understands that each client and business presents a unique set of print media needs and objectives. That’s why we can recommend and execute digitally printed direct mail pieces that target either new or existing patients based on specific services you offer as a practitioner. Plastic surgeons for example, could target professional men and women looking for elective procedures—either to prevent cosmetic aging effects earlier (30-40 years old) or reverse those effects (Ages 50-60). 

Similarly, medical providers can craft messages and target based on specific ailments, diseases, or injuries. For instance, a physical therapist could create a digitally printed flyer or postcard offering new treatments to men and women over the age of 45 that have recently had a joint replacement. Orthopedic and oral surgeons could target younger households in and around zip codes that have strong high school and travel athletics programs—think football and hockey injuries. The print possibilities are nearly endless when you have BNP capabilities and insight on your side. 

Appointment Reminders

In addition to procuring new lists, BNP can take your existing patient contact information and help organize it and leverage it to tap into previous patient business. The most seamless method is sending regular appointment reminders, which proves especially beneficial for dentists and orthodontists. Few people are eager to schedule appointments on their own. Sometimes, all it takes is a friendly, personalized reminder to call and make an appointment. BNP offers cost-effective appointment reminder postcards that transform past patients into future appointments. 

Pets Need Reminders Too 

And don’t forget the family pet! Variable data printing through BNP could be your key to better veterinary practice. Veterinarian offices can benefit from BNP direct mail campaigns as well. Vets can send these appointment reminders—either based on existing patient lists or new targets. From small household pets to larger farm animals, BNP canhelp veterinarians send gentle reminders that can be tracked with unique landing page URLs and phone numbers, so you know that your campaign is producing spot-on results. 

Get Healthier Returns on Your Print Advertising 

Ready to put our digital printing capabilities to the test for your private practice? BNP is fit to start. Leverage your existing data and our in-depth analytics and digital printing capabilities to empower patients to schedule an appointment. 

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