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Real Print Results

Why are more real estate companies and realtors turning to print media marketing for real results? Does print marketing work for real estate brokers? There are several answers to these questions. At BNP, our digital print team works hand-in-hand with realtors, agents, brokers, and some of the nation’s largest real estate companies, such as MJ Peterson, to increase not only the size of home transactions but the number of them. Our turn-key print solutions—from variable digital print and direct mail to analytics and media—hone in on the right audiences and cater messaging to each individual… Direct to doorsteps. 

Never Throw Good Money After Bad

BNP places your print media in the best position to succeed. Would it make sense to spend money on printing and delivering custom messaging around new home listings to residents of a full luxury apartment community? Probably not. BNP utilizes and offers intelligent targeting methods for real estate brokers and agents through our Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM). This service segments recipients down to not just zip codes, but carrier routes. You’re not speaking directly to a specific resident but a postal customer, which is extremely beneficial when, as an agent, you want to make the neighborhood aware of a house you sold for tens of thousands of dollars over its asking price. You could also use BNP EDDM to notify residents of the average value of homes nearby, further spurring potential phone calls and website traffic. Our EDDM print products are non-machinable, allowing you more freedom with regard to size and weight, and also includes an added value of a reduced postage rate of just $0.18. 

Lay of the Land 

BNP printing capabilities specific to real estate extend beyond direct mail. Ensuring your messaging is aligned across your entire suite of sales collateral is a key to success. BNP offers real estate companies and sole realtors the opportunity to print everything on-demand and in-house at BNP. By leveraging one turn-key print provider like BNP, you can ensure that your direct mail complements your business card, which is mirrored on your lawn signage, house detail sheets, flyers, open house collateral, door hangers, and much more. And when you use the power of BNP digital printing, all of these print materials can be printed quickly and cost-effectively, keeping your business moving forward and onto the next profitable property. 

Stay Real Relevant 

The real estate market can swing in an instant. And professional real estate agents are always looking to get ahead, which means timing can be everything. BNP offers on-demand digital printing so your message gets out quickly and into the right hands. If and when homes in the neighborhood sell for over their asking price, realtors can immediately let other homeowners nearby know—as we can target direct mail by zip codes and carrier routes—that the market is hot. This method of on-demand digital printing can help real estate businesses turn one home transaction into a series of even larger home sales in a matter of days—not weeks. 

Get Moving with BNP 

These turn-key print solutions are not exclusive to real estate brokers and agents. BNP can use these same methods, including data-driven mailing, for other industries and businesses related to real estate. For instance, we can help moving companies target specific residents who have expressed interest in selling their home or have recently purchased a new house. This data-driven mailing allows moving companies to personalize each piece. So depending on the size of the home bought or sold, movers can offer a variety of truck sizes, crews, and prices, further empowering their business and ROI. 

Are you ready to move ahead with empowered print specific to real estate? Contact BNP today so we can learn more about your specific printing needs and goals and get a hassle-free quote that produces real results.