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Is Print Marketing Right for Your Home Improvement Business?

The home improvement industry regularly generates hundreds of billions of dollars year after year. And when the economy needs a boost (as seen during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic) the first lever pulled is to increase the number of national real estate transactions. Every house bought and sold is an opportunity for new or improved home improvement revenue streams—whether you’re a local mom-and-pop hardware store, national franchise, or general contractor. Direct mail is a cost-effective, highly measurable, and worthwhile investment that places your home improvement business in the best position to get the job done right. 

Time to Improve

BNP offers turn-key print solutions all year round. But if you own a home improvement business, are a sole proprietorship specializing in services like plumbing, flooring, kitchen renovations, flood restoration, or all of the above, when to time a direct mail campaign is important. On average, home renovation projects take place in the fall and spring, and half of homeowners, according to Nielsen research analytics, take on at least one home renovation project every year. Getting out ahead of your competition as the seasons change and homeowners are beginning to think about improving one of their largest investments can make all the difference. At BNP, our teams of customer service professionals and press operators are well-versed and experienced in several markets and industries. Each industry has its off- and on-peak seasons. Here are some creative examples of specific services and products that could make the most sense for your business dollar. 

  • Home Renovation — Spring and fall are the high-points of home renovations. But that’s not to say you can’t advertise in the heart of winter. Targeting zip codes with dual high household incomes, at the end of the year can prove profitable. For example, a kitchen or bathroom renovation can be difficult and stressful to handle for a family residing in the house as work is being done. Communicate that your business caters to these concerns and offer to get the work done so the family can come home from their vacation to the bathroom or kitchen of their dreams. 
  • Roofing, Windows, Flooring, Driveways, HVAC — Few home improvement jobs are inexpensive. But some or more costly than others. A new roof or furnace/air conditioning unit, for example, is something that rarely is unexpectedly needed and therefore usually allows for financial planning. When do large home improvement jobs usually get paid for and completed? Tax season. Stay consistent with your brand messaging so you’re considered for a professional quote when homeowners receive tax refunds beginning in March and April. 
  • Landscaping — Depending on climate and your business model, this should be considered all year with varying frequency. General lawn care should be communicated via direct mail—especially to young professionals who have less time to perform this task—as the spring thaw begins to appear. In colder climates, you can easily upsell your lawn care services into snow removal, targeting not just homes, but property managers as well. BNP can help procure such mailing lists. 
  • Hardware & Retail — Similar to a contractor targeting zip codes during peak real estate seasons, your home improvement retail store can benefit from the same tactics. BNP can also help facilitate different lists targeting not only home owners and do-it-yourselfers, but the general contractors who are offering services. Communicate special contractor wholesale pricing for large materials, fasteners, paint, tools, and more. 

Decide Demographics Before Demolition

The type of service or product you want to advertise must be suitable to specific demographics. For instance, targeting zip codes containing newer builds and developments with general home improvement services will not yield desired results. However, targeting zip codes with older homes and more frequent real estate transactions is a strong opportunity to push general repairs, new roofs, window installations, painting, and more. When people move into new homes, there are home improvement tasks that have to be done. When you have BNP as a partner, we’ll think like a new homeowner for home improvement success.  

Types of Direct Mail

BNP direct mail services are a great fit for a variety of businesses including home improvement as the average response rate for a BNP direct mail campaign is approximately 3.7%—which is exponentially greater than response rates of email (0.2%) and paid search (0.1%). We offer two highly trackable and expertly executed direct mail services. 

  • Every Door Direct Mail — This segments recipients down to carrier routes and are not addressed to specific residents. This could be sent to the “New Owner” with a congratulatory message and an offering to help clear some of the items on what is surely a long to-do list. 
  • Data-Driven Mailing — This method leverages a highly targeted reach and is addressed to specific residents and/or businesses by name, making it a create option for smaller contractors looking to build brand relationships with new homeowners and property managers as there are sure to be new business opportunities after the first one concludes. BNP is able to personalize each piece using this data-driven method, not only with regard to the recipient but to specific products and service offerings. 

Ready to Improve Your Print Marketing?

Make your home at BNP where we can help your home improvement business go further and grow with confidence through turn-key print marketing solutions. Get your free, no-hassle quote for your next (or first) direct mail campaign today.