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Can Your Law Practice Benefit from Print Marketing?

The verdict is in—you most certainly can. BNP offers a comprehensive suite of turn-key print solutions that allow you to grow your practice areas, target those who stand to benefit most from those offerings, and give you a chance to increase ROI for your marketing budget. What’s more, BNP services extend beyond the printing of legal business collateral such as professional letterhead and business cards. Empower your practice by reaching the right type of client, with specific messaging that’s catered to their legal concerns. 

Make Your Voice Heard

Your practice’s offerings are the first to dictate who and how to target with print marketing. For example, if you’re looking to grow revenue within elder abuse or estate planning—one of the largest and fastest growing areas of lawsuits—BNP can offer insight as to a direct mail campaign specific to older zip codes and zip codes that contain a higher number of senior living homes and apartment complexes. 

Let’s say you want to go after a newly developing class action lawsuit that is specific to a certain product or location, you can include a unique insert that speaks to topical issues such as air quality, product liability, etc. This insert can be stuffed into a larger brochure that communicates your entire practice’s offerings and only stuffed into brochures heading to a specific zip code or mail carrier route

Avoid the Traffic

Now is the time to plan for your next print campaign. Issuing direct mail or widespread print collateral after the holidays when recipients are inundated with retail advertising makes the most sense with regard to communicating to a captive audience. Your print media will stand out more with creative design services facilitated by BNP as well as the added value of reduced postage pricing. 

Service-Specific Data

Just as every attorney specializes in specific practice areas, BNP gathers, optimizes, and leverages specific data lists for professional direct mail campaigns. Furthermore, attorneys and law firms can take advantage of specific practice callouts with our expert variable printing techniques. (You can learn more about what variable printing means here.) This allows us to segment audiences out by specific demographics and psychographics, including age groups, interests and behaviors, zip codes, incomes, buying habits, etc. 

There are plenty of opportunities to highlight new areas of practice or spur growth in areas of need. BNP direct mail and analytics can be especially useful when attempting to increase ROI for practice areas such as:

  • Elder abuse
  • Multidistrict litigations
  • Mass tort
  • Business law and/or negligence
  • Tax law
  • Corporate law
  • Workers comp
  • Debt collection
  • Matrimonial law
  • Personal injury
  • Medical malpractice

Plan for Print Success

When planning your full suite of print collateral for your legal practice, BNP recommends you include the empowered highlights. What makes your practice unique? How do you want the recipient to respond? These are all the questions you should ask and answer when it comes to print media. When designing a postcard or brochure specific to your practice areas, consider the following:

  • Personal approach to bios
  • Your firm’s history
  • Strong, expanded call-to-action
  • Unique phone number of website URL for higher measurability
  • Various office locations 
  • The value principles of the firm
  • Referral bonuses or current new client promotions
  • Appealing, relevant creative specific to practice areas or potential clients

Ready to Represent

At BNP, our team of customer service professionals, web offset operators, and digital printing and analytics specialists are no strangers to the highly specific needs of litigators and legal practices. Rush jobs are handled with care and attention to detail. Campaigns are treated with intelligence and insight. And every step of whatever your print media process requires is executed with empowered updates and tracking. If you’re ready to elevate your practice’s print marketing, request a quote from those who know how to print results. Get a BNP quote today.