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Empower Your Enrollment 

BNP Empowered Print is experienced in strategizing, developing, executing and tracking integrated print marketing campaigns for a variety of industries. One of those industries to have greatly benefitted from our turn-key print solutions in the past is private education institutions. These include private high schools, boarding academies, private universities and colleges, as well as specialty vocational schools. The results of direct mail and digital print campaigns are not by chance however. The greatest results come from our BNP team’s ability to identify and cater to the unique needs and nuances of this type of audience, value propositions, and communication techniques.

Are you an administrator or marketer at a private school? Do you want to increase your chances to meet and exceed your high enrollment goals? Here’s how BNP Empowered Print can help

Stay Ahead of the Class

We start each print media campaign with clearly defining your goals. What are your enrollment objectives? What kinds of students are you looking to attract? Are you looking to recruit student athletes? Do you want to communicate with potential students who live nearby or out of state? Depending on your answers to these questions, BNP develops strong, insightful recommendations on the types of print pieces to leverage, such as direct mail with an integrated and highly measurable landing page

Consistent Communication Leads to Full Marks

Consistency and staying true to your objective-driven campaign is critical to education marketing success. Mailing a postcard informing prospective students and their families of an upcoming Open House date is a great start. But there isn’t the time nor real estate with that one piece to tell your complete, compelling story. Followup with consistent messaging, including more direct mail—with varying sizes and for factors—digital communications which BNP can design, facilitate, and track, or leverage one of the greatest digital printers on the market—our Xerox® iGen® 5 for a full school brochure

A for Audience

With those various offerings—from student clubs and athletic programs, to majors of need and dining services—be sure your marketing dollars are directed in the correct ways. For instance, BNP can help you sift through your contact lists—or even build them from scratch for you if you’re a smaller private high school or grade school—and show you how our advanced variable printing techniques can cater messaging, imagery, and data tracking per recipient. How? Your BNP Empowered Print team includes press and digital media specialists who have crafted these types of direct mail campaigns for not only other private education institutions but a variety of professional service providers, foodservice operators, manufacturers, and more. 

Direct to Home from Campus

BNP direct mail services boast an average response rate of approximately 3.7%. Compare that to response rates of email (0.2%) and paid search (0.1%), and putting your marketing budget behind print campaigns to increase enrollment is a no-brainer. If you’re a college, university, private academy or high school looking to target and attract the right kinds of students to enroll, BNP offers two highly trackable and expertly executed direct mail services. 

  • Every Door Direct Mail — This segments recipients down to carrier routes and are not addressed to specific residents. This could be sent to parents who have recently purchased a new home and are exploring education options outside of their public school district. 
  • Data-Driven Mailing — This method leverages a highly targeted reach and is addressed to specific residents or prospective students by name. With every private school claiming they focus on the individual first and foremost, this direct mail tactic allows you to speak directly to each recipient·by name—and cater to specific behaviors and relevant interests. For instance, send a flyer touting your award-wining marching band to students entering their senior years of high school as All-State musicians. Then send a separate piece communicating your state-of-the-art training facilities to All-State volleyball, track & field, or soccer student athletes.

Graduate to Empowered Print

Approach prospective students and their families with creative confidence through turn-key print marketing solutions. Get your free, no-hassle quote for your next (or first) print media or direct mail campaign today.