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Our printing capabilities extend well beyond the press and into the mailbox. BNP Empowered Print offers a variety of mailing services for your business’ publications or advertising collateral, including targeted direct mail campaigns. Whether you’re a university looking to increase enrollment by speaking directly to high school juniors and seniors or a non-for-profit targeting high net-worth donors, BNP can help you find them and deliver quality print pieces and results. 

Two Main Direct Mail Methods

BNP Empowered Print offers two primary types of direct mail campaigns—each offering unique value and nuanced targeting methods. 

Every Door Direct Mail

  • Segment your printed mail down to specific carrier routes. 
  • These are not addressed to specific recipients, rather “postal customers.”
  • These pieces are non-machinable, which have fewer restrictions on size and weight. 
  • Discounted postage rates are available—typically around $0.18 per piece.

Data-Driven Mailing

  • Highly targeted reach with specific residents and businesses addressed. 
  • Is machinable, which has tighter restrictions on size and weight. 
  • Utilizes market mail postage rates with bulk permitting. 
  • Ability to personalize each piece. 

How to Directly Target

One of the biggest values of a BNP direct mail campaign is our ability to target audiences based on highly refined data. Our team is able to collect valuable information and parse it out according to your business objectives. It took 50,000 years to produce the amount of data that was created in 2017 alone. That wealth of information allows us to personalize direct mail with specific names, content, images, and exclusive offers depending on who the person is, what they do, etc. And the types of information we use to determine who to send direct mail to and increase your return is vast. 

  • Geographic—Target specific towns, cities, or radii around locations. 
  • Demographic—Target based on age, gender, income, households with children, renters, homeowners, etc.
  • Behavioral—Are your customers price-conscious, early-adopters, philanthropic in nature?
  • Psychographic—Target certain lifestyles, attitudes, personality traits, and more. 

How Well Does Direct Mail Perform?

Let’s take a look at some of the statistics around the effectiveness of direct mail campaigns at BNP. 

  • 3.7%—The average response rate, which is higher than both email (0.2%) and search (0.1%).
  • 600%—The amount that direct mail outperforms all other digital channels. 
  • 70%—The rate direct mail is opened thanks to our leveraging of a wide array of audience data. 
  • 79%—The rate that direct mail is read for longer than one minute. 
  • 80%—The rate at which recipients are more likely to open direct mail when it’s personalized. 

Go Direct 

Choose BNP Empowered Print for your next (or first) direct mail campaign. Our experienced and expert team will guide you through every step of the process and recommend the best targeting options and turn-key print solutions. Increase your open rates with a true partner by choosing BNP direct mail campaigns.

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